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Do you provide translation, proofreading or other language services and are looking for new jobs? Are you into modern technologies and to learn new things? We offer you a stable background, a diverse range of projects from various fields, and a fair financial reward for the work you do. All you need to do is to fill in the contact form, send us your CV and complete a test translation.

We are always looking for new translators to provide our customers with quality translations in more than eighty languages at competitive prices.

The backbone of our business is a carefully built network of external vendors from around the world.

In our core language combinations, we are also developing a team of internal translators, with whom we establish cooperation beyond the normal vendor relationship.

You are a good partner for us if either:

  • your professional work involves translation, proofreading and other language-related activities
  • foreign languages are your hobby, you have talent for translation and would like to use it commercially
  • you are considering changing the focus of your career or seeking side income alongside your study or work

The only really important prerequisite for starting the collaboration is talent for languages and a successful test translation.

We look forward to working with you!

Translation agencies

Are you a language services provider who believes in productive cooperation between translation agencies? Are you interested in a partnership based on rationality and transparent collaboration between equals? Let's find out what you do better and less expensively than us and vice versa. We will save each other’s resources and join forces to deliver services to the customers more efficiently. Use the contact form to send us information on your specialisation and on the resources you seek. We are also happy to discuss potential collaboration by phone or at a personal meeting.

Each translation agency has a certain specialization.

But the capacity of each translation agency is inherently limited.

Language services can be bought and sold worldwide

When a translation agency finds reliable vendors, it can deliver any product

Translation agencies can work together but it's essential to put enough work to finding reliable partners and building mutual trust.

Please, let us know:

  • what do you do, what are your typical projects
  • what services you might be interested in
  • which of your services might be of interest to us


Looking for a new job, but tired of boring corporate routine every weekday from nine to five? Do you want to pursue a variety of interesting projects and use your existing talent or even discover a new one? Do you like flexible working hours? Do you like to speak and write in foreign languages and would you like to communicate with business partners around the world? Send us your CV and let us know what you excel at. We will be happy to schedule an interview with you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

We welcome new employees who are close to our culture.

  • We do not dwell on clear-cut job positions, the work description can be to some degree adapted to the profile of the individual collaborators, which ensures self-actualisation and professional growth.
  • We do consider the applicant’s CV, but it is not crucial for us, we do not have hard requirements for previous work experience
  • The main criteria for us are talent for organisation of assignments and communication, proactive approach to work and willingness to learn new things.

Given our main field of activity, the prerequisite for cooperation is at least basic language skills. The more languages you speak, the more attractive you are for us and in any case you will have the opportunity to use them in practice.

Do you share our values? Do not hesitate to contact us with a request for collaboration.

If you are attracted to the background of a smaller company with a young and friendly team, where you will be granted responsibility for important agenda from the beginning, send us your CV to recruitment@explika.cz or use the contact form on this page.

We look forward to working with you!

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