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About us

Our story

The story of the Explika translation agency began in 2007 with the founding of the company in the modest conditions
of a shared student apartment in Prague's Žižkov district. The aim was to gradually grow into a reputable and reliable language services provider. Thanks to a thought-through vision and unwavering focus, we managed to reach this initial target relatively quickly. Our technological optimism has also played a significant role in our company's success. Unlike a number of other translation agencies, we saw technological advances as an opportunity rather than a threat – and it turned out to be one of the reasons we moved forward at a faster pace than some of our competitors. 

New branch offices in the second-largest Czech city of Brno and in Bologna, Italy, were opened between 2016 and 2018. For almost thirteen years, our team worked under the successful brand of Hero Translating. In May 2022, the time was ripe for a change that would allow us to step into the future under a new brand. That's when Explika was born. Although the global pandemic made us give up our physical office in Italy, we maintained close contact with the Italian market and continued to expand domestically. 

Today we have physical offices in Prague, Třebíč and Jičín, but thanks to our wide network of collaborators and suppliers 
we operate worldwide.
Establishment of 
Hero Translating
First office in Prague
Average monthly orders
exceed 300
Average monthly sales 
exceed EUR 50k
New branch office in Brno
Number of customers 
exceeds 3000
New branch office
in Bologna, Italy
New branch office 
in Třebíč
Company rebranding 
to Explika
New branch office 
in Jičín
The future is in our hands... 
Let's shape it together!

Our philisophy

Since day one, the interest and needs of our customer have been at the centre of all our activities. Whether it is our translators, project managers, office assistants or company management, we are all united by our love of languages and communication and the joy of facilitating exchange on intercultural, business as well as personal level between dozens of European and non-European languages.

Our raison d'être is not purely commercial. We have always seen a deeper meaning in our work, whether it is the added value we bring to our customers, the genuine interest and care we take in our translators and other suppliers, or our regular collaboration with NGOs and non-profit organisations. We always put ethics before money – which is why we do not, as a matter of principle, translate texts with inappropriate, misleading or potentially harmful content, or those that are in any way related to the suppression of human rights and the support of undemocratic and oppressive regimes.

As proud members of the Association of Czech Translation Agencies, we fully subscribe to its Code of Conduct.

Our name

The name of our company has a relatively straightforward etymology. It is based on the Latin verb explicāre, 
which has several key meanings: to clarify, explain, solve, but also to unfold and disentangle. Words with this stem
can be found today in all Romance languages (Spanish explicar, French expliquer, Romanian explicare, etc.), but also in the Germanic family (English explain, German explizieren) and in Slavic languages. Words such as explicit or explication also come from the same origin.

And this is what reflects the main message and purpose of our work: Explika clarifies and explains what would otherwise remain misunderstood, solves what would otherwise remain unsolved, disentangles what would otherwise remain tangled and incomprehensible. We enable our customers to understand the texts they encounter in their professional and personal lives, while, at the same time, giving them the opportunity to reach out to people they would otherwise find it difficult to communicate with.